Fire breaks out at tow yard off Olde Highway 80

FLINN SPRINGS - A fire of unknown origin tore through a salvage yard near Lake Jennings on Monday.

The blaze in the 15200 block of Olde Highway 80 in Flinn Springs was reported around 9:30 a.m., according to Heartland Fire & Rescue.

Lakeside Fire Protection District officials said a fire ignited in a pile of cars at the Miller's Auto Recycling and Towing yard.

Tim Parker, who lives and works right across the street from Miller's, said the auto wreckers probably ignited the fire.

"They're probably puncturing the gas tanks is what they're doing," Parker said. "Creating a little bit of spark with a little bit of fumes."

Dozens of firefighters responded to the fire. Their biggest concern was a neighboring propane facility with hundreds of large propane tanks.

Firefighters got the fire under control in about 45 minutes. There is no official word on how it started. 

No injuries were reported.

The tow yard had a fire last year around the same time. Division Chief Jim Kirkpatrick did not suspect anything suspicious or foul play.

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