Photo shows Mayor Filner's press secretary sipping on straw shaped like male genitalia

Photo taken as recall effort getting underway

SAN DIEGO - One of Mayor Bob Filner's staff members is also under scrutiny. A source gave Team 10 a photo of Filner's press secretary, Lena Lewis, sipping on a straw shaped like male genitalia.

The source told Team 10 the photo was taken this past weekend in Las Vegas as the recall effort against the mayor was getting underway and no one from the mayor's office could be reached.

Political consultant John Dadian said, "For somebody in the public sector, this just is not good."

Lewis was photographed at her bachelorette party, but the timing of this photo could not be worse. The recall movement against her boss was just hours from starting and neither she nor Filner could be found.

"When the public doesn't know where the mayor is, when the media doesn't know where the mayor is, you need somebody," said Dadian.

While this behavior is not unusual at bachelorette parties, Dadian said public figures are held to a higher standard.

"It's an image," he said. "If somebody sees an elected official doing something, it reflects bad not only on the staff member but on the entity, in this case, the city of San Diego."

Then, there is the issue of why Filner is under fire to begin with: alleged sexual harassment of women. Some believe the nature of the straw is in poor taste.

"She is somebody who is the public face for the mayor," said Dadian. "You quite honestly have to have a higher standard. She should know better."

10News called Lewis twice and sent her a message via Twitter but never heard back from her.

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