Friend of Mayor Bob Filner, ex-fiancée claims couple had 'open relationship'

Also says Bronwyn Ingram lied about why she left

SAN DIEGO - A close personal friend of Mayor Bob Filner has gone public with some very private claims.

Civil rights activist and city commissioner Nicole Murray-Ramirez said Filner and his ex-fiancée Bronwyn Ingram had an open relationship and that she lied to the media about her real reasons for leaving him.

"She's not telling the truth and that disturbs me, and that really hurts me," Murray-Ramirez said during an interview with freelance journalist Thom Senzee.

Filner and Ingram broke up just before the scandal started. Ingram said she left because she found inappropriate texts and emails between Filner and other women.

"Her statements are not what she told me," said Murray-Ramirez. "She let me know that Bob and her – and to me it's their own personal life and their business – but that they had an open relationship."

Murray-Ramirez wrote about his claims in an article in LGBT Weekly, where he is a regular contributor.

In his interview with Senzee, he claimed that Ingram knew about the other women and that she was OK with the relationships, as long as they did not impede on their weekends together.

Ingram lived in Los Angeles during the week.

"How she absolutely informed me was that ... what he did on the weekdays ... out of sight, out of mind," said Murray-Ramirez.

When asked why he was coming forward with this information, Murray-Ramirez said he wanted the facts out about why Ingram left.

He implied that she wanted to distance herself from the scandal.

"But when now you portray as she did, that oh, he was flirtatious and she was taken back, that's not true," said Murray-Ramirez.

UPDATE: Listen to the extended version of the one-on-one interview with Mayor Bob Filner's close friend and civil rights activist Nicole Murray-Ramirez, who says the mayor was in an open relationship with his ex-fiancee. (Watch in player above)

Murray-Ramirez was interviewed by freelance journalist Thom Senzee.
Murray-Ramirez wrote about her revelations in a column for LGBT Weekly:

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