Filner recall volunteer's sign upsets Albertsons store, recall organizer Michael Pallamary

Valorie Matthews' sign cites sex toys

SAN DIEGO - A volunteer in the recall effort against Mayor Bob Filner has upset a local grocery store and the recall's organizer with her method of gathering signatures.

Wednesday was the third day 67-year-old Valorie Matthews has been at the Albertsons store in Allied Gardens, urging people to sign the recall petition.

However, store managers believe Matthews' racy sign does not belong in front of their business.

Matthews' sign reads: "Save the women of SD. Donate your new and gently used sex toys to Filner or sign the recall petition."

Next to Matthews is a bucket.

"[Filner] needs help. I'm just the girl to give it to him," Matthews told 10News. "He's a pig; there's no other way to say it."

Albertsons management said Matthews' approach is not appropriate for children and does not belong in front of their family friendly store.

Store managers told 10News she can stay to collect signatures, but her sign has to go.

That does not seem to be an option for Matthews, who said she is "proud to go to jail for my constitutional right."

She also believes Albertsons' comments are hypocritical considering what is stacked on their shelves.

"Condoms that are ribbed, that glide, lubricants that are kissable for body parts …," said Matthews.

10News cameras were rolling when recall organizer Michael Pallamary spoke to Matthews and told her, "You're harming our efforts."

Matthews responded, "I can't be harming it too much; I've got 300 signatures."

Pallamary added, "I find the signs offensive."

"I find Bob Filner offensive," Matthews replied.

When Pallamary politely asked Matthews to remove her sign, she declined, saying she is "respectfully declining" to do so "as a lady and an American."

Matthews told 10News she has collected 300 signatures in her three days in front of the store.

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