Filner recall organizer considering halt to recall effort

SAN DIEGO - A coffee date could break the stalemate over dueling Mayor Bob Filner recall efforts.

The organizer behind one of the recall efforts tells 10News he is now considering whether to stop his bid and a coffee meeting could bring clarity.

"Will you consider stopping your recall effort?" asked 10News reporter Michael Chen.

"I will consider anything that the two of us can work out," said Stampp Corbin, the publisher of LGBT Weekly, late Tuesday morning.

He was talking about himself and Michael Pallamary, the man heading the other Filner recall effort.

On Monday, Pallamary held a news conference, claiming he intended to go to prosecutors alleging Corbin has filed a phony petition.  

At that news conference was Susan Jester, the head of a gay Republican group. She told 10News that in a phone conversation with Corbin, he said he would begin a recall to "sit on it and stall time," which would help Filner.

Corbin claims he was joking. On Tuesday he pressed on with his recall effort, serving notice to the mayor, which is the second step in the process.

It remains unclear if two recall efforts can legally go on at the same time.

Corbin told 10News he would consider stopping his recall bid if Pallamary issued a public apology because he felt vilified by the news conference.

After speaking with Corbin, 10News called Pallamary for a comment.

In response, Pallamary said it was time to make sure he and Corbin talked.

Immediately after, the two talked on the phone and a different tone emerged.

When asked if he was willing to offer some sort of public apology, Pallamary said, "Absolutely."

Pallamary said he still stands by what he and Jester said at the news conference but says it is time to move forward.

Chen asked, "If you believe her, why would you issue a public apology?"

Pallamary responded, "Because I'm a gentleman and why would I prolong this? I could stand here and argue but how does that advance our efforts? It becomes nothing more than a delay or distraction."

The two have planned a coffee meeting for sometime tomorrow.

Pallamary says he's hoping to walk away from that meeting with all disputes resolved and one recall process moving forward. 

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