People rally at Civic Center Plaza to tell Filner he's 'not welcome home'

Mayor back after 2 weeks of behavioral therapy

SAN DIEGO - Dozens of people from all walks of life, and political parties rallied in Civic Center Plaza Monday to let San Diego Mayor Bob Filner know he's "not welcome home."

The rally featured several people carrying homemade signs with slogans like "Bye Bye Bob," "No More Grabby Grabby" and "We stand with Irene."

Irene McCormack Jackson is one of 14 women who have publicly claimed Bob Filner sexually harassed her. She is the only woman who has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Filner and the city of San Diego.

Filner, whose lawyers say he completed two weeks of behavioral therapy, is taking personal time this week, and is not in the office.

Last week, the locks on the doors leading to the mayor's office were changed.

"Bob Filner is not welcome back in our city. We do not want him as our mayor," said business owner Ben Katz, who addressed the crowd.

Katz added, "After years of sexually harassing your staff, trying to trade sexual favors for government access, and worst of all as chairman of the House committee on Veteran's Affairs, to prey on the victims of rape? Two weeks is not a cure.  Two weeks is not enough for us to forget … We are not going to forget. We are not going away, and we will keep repeating, Bob Must GO! Bob Must GO!"

"Mr. Filner will not resign," said Mike Pallamary, who is spearheading the drive to recall Filner. "It's not in his DNA. This man will not go away. We need to take him out of office. We need to remove him, and that's what we're going to do."

Pallamary said Filner, who had 10 days to respond to recall organizers, had not sent a letter, which by law would have been advertised before any petitions could be circulated. Pallamary also claims that some big money would soon be offered to the recall campaign by an unnamed donor.

10News reporter Allison Ash asked political consultant John Dadian why big money donors have not stepped forward.

"I think they're holding off for several different reasons: one is a possible resignation, which would make it moot," Dadian replied, referencing the rumors swirling through political circles that the mayor's resignation is a done deal.

Sources tell 10News Filner will meet with the city attorney, a mediator and others when he returns to City Hall Monday.

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