Final poll shows Filner maintains slim advantage over DeMaio

Filner has 49 percent, DeMaio 45 percent of voters

SAN DIEGO - The final scientific 10News poll conducted before the Nov. 6 elections shows Bob Filner with an advantage over Carl DeMaio.

According to the survey conducted by SurveyUSA between Oct. 31 to Nov. 4, Filner has 49 percent of the voters compared to DeMaio's 45 percent. Meanwhile, 7 percent of likely voters remain undecided.

Throughout the election season, Filner has led in all five polls, with margins of error between 3 to 12 percentage points. But DeMaio has shown some momentum in the last weeks and is five points up from the last poll released Oct. 15.

The poll shows the candidates tied among men voters at 46 percent each. But Filner is leading among women with 51 percent compared to DeMaio's 43 percent.

DeMaio has strong support among older voters and younger voters seem more likely to vote for Filner. In addition, DeMaio leads among white voters and Filner has an advantage among minority voters.

SurveyUSA interviewed 696 registered voters, with 622 likely voters, for this final poll.

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Mayoral candidates make final pitches

Councilman Carl DeMaio and Rep. Bob Filner, D-San Diego, made their final pitches for mayor Monday at separate campaign events.

DeMaio was joined at a news conference on Harbor Island by Mayor Jerry Sanders, and current and incoming members of the City Council, to push for a continuation of the fiscal changes implemented over the past two years. Filner gathered with Latino leaders to encourage Hispanic voters to cast ballots.

"Tomorrow, voters will go to the polls to decide who the 35th mayor of San Diego will be," Sanders said. "They'll either choose a leader who will continue the substantial progress we've made, or they'll choose one who will undo everything that we've done."

Sanders said DeMaio is the best choice to move the financial changes forward and implement adjustments to the pension system approved overwhelmingly by voters in June. His opponents haven't suggested any ideas that will save taxpayers a nickel, he said.

DeMaio said San Diegans want a government that works for them.

"Tomorrow, San Diegans will be asked a very simple question -- should we continue with fiscal reform," DeMaio said. "Do we have more to restore in our neighborhoods, or have we finished the job, and can city government be more of a champion for working families and small businesses that want to create jobs."

He said he expects the election results to reflect "a resounding yes" to those questions.

At an event in front of a library in Logan Heights, Latino voters chanted "Bob, si puedas (Bob, he can)" and "Roberto Filner" to express their support for the congressman.

Assemblyman Ben Hueso, D-San Diego, told the crowd Latinos will decide who becomes the next mayor.

"If people vote in this election, Bob Filner will win," Hueso said. "So please come out to vote in this very important election that's going to determine San Diego's future in a big way."

Filner said his election would mean appointments for Latinos and other ethnic groups in the mayor's office, and on city boards and commissions, and they would be given more contracts.

He bristled at the term "likely voters" in the polls.

"They think you are not going to vote, they think that the Latino community is not going to vote," Filner said. "The Latino community will be the margin of victory in this election, as they will be in the national election."

He said his campaign has identified tens of thousands of people who will vote for him, as long as they get to a polling place.

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