Filner accuser speaks out, files claim

Marilyn McGaughy is 19th accuser

SAN DIEGO - New details have emerged about the impact of former Mayor Bob Filner's alleged actions on a young child.

For the first time, Marilyn McGaughy, Filner's 19th accuser, has come forward as her legal claim was officially filed Thursday.

A photo shows Filner posing next to a smiling McGaughy at an elementary school in Emerald Hills in May.

However, Within minutes, she said her smile was gone.      

Given the task to help introduce the mayor to the children, McGaughy claimed the mayor got aggressive quickly.

"He asked me if I was married. He told me I was beautiful," said McGaughy.

At one point, she said he pulled her face down and kissed her on the forehead.

"I was so shocked. I just stood here and didn't do anything," said McGaughy, choking back tears.

She said Filner also grabbed her by the waist, asked her out and pulled off her name badge while his fingers lingered on her breast.   

McGaughy said during the incidents there were a series of witnesses, including school officials, the mayor's police security and a playground full of children.

Among the children was a friend's 8-year-old son, who later started calling Filner her boyfriend.

When Filner was pictured with another woman in a newspaper, McGaughy said, "He (the boy) said, 'Mr. Filner is cheating on my Auntie Marilyn.' That was of great concern to me."

On Thursday, McGaughy filed a $250,000 claim against Filner and the city -- the third woman to take legal action.  

"If the bodyguard is right there, he could have stepped in," said Dan Gilleon, McGaughy's attorney. "The city should and could have done something to prevent this."

Gilleon contends the city is liable, but said McGaughy isn't looking to gouge the city and is receptive to a fair offer.

As for any other women, he said a sexual harassment claim must be filed within a year of the incident for city employees and three years for everybody else.

Meanwhile, mediation talks continue for the first woman to file a lawsuit, Irene McCormack Jackson.

McCormack Jackson, who was Filner's communications director, is reportedly asking for more than a million dollars.

McGaughy said she's taking legal action because she wants to prevent anything like this from happening in the future, especially in front of children.

A lawsuit could be coming within 45 days.

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