Filming begins at SeaWorld San Diego for 'Anchorman 2': Will Ferrell returns as Ron Burgundy

SAN DIEGO - Ron Burgundy is drinking again. He's bitter and angry that he's no longer a network anchorman, and he is taking it out on dolphins and children -- that according to local extras who were involved in the filming of "Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues."

Photos: Ron Burgundy spotted at SeaWorld San Diego

Hundreds of extras filled Dolphin Stadium at SeaWorld San Diego Friday, wearing clothing with a 70s vibe. They watched as Will Ferrell, dressed in a turtleneck sweater and blue blazer, played Ron Burgundy as a washed-out former anchorman now earning a living emceeing dolphin shows.

Extras were required to sign non-disclosure forms to keep information about the filming secret, but some were anxious to talk, as long as their names weren't used.

"I didn't expect Will Ferrell to be so funny," remarked one extra after leaving the set.

Another told 10News Ferrell improvised a lot, doing the same scene over and over, but each time with a different twist.

"He's coming up with this stuff off the top of his head. He gets some assistance from the director, but it just seemed like it was just all from the top of his head," an extra said.

During the scene, Burgundy makes sexual advances toward some of the dolphin trainers, harasses audience members and even argues with a dolphin.

"He was hilarious," said the unnamed extra, who can't wait to see the entire movie when its released in December.

10News learned 300 or so extras will receive $64 for their day of work.

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