Group trying to revive SD film industry

SD Film Commission's closure having impact

SAN DIEGO - A lack of funding shut the doors of the San Diego Film Commission last month, and because of it, there is no one-stop central clearinghouse for film production companies who want to work in San Diego.

"I've never seen this situation before, and our agency has been here since 1987," said Carol Shamon with the Shamon-Fritas talent agency. "It's very, very sad for actors in San Diego."  

City funding dried up for the commission, forcing the office to close, but some are trying to step up to fill the void.  

"We have access to a database we created of talent, crew and production companies that have attended our events," said Jodi Cilley with the San Diego Film Consortium.  

The Consortium started about a year ago as a grassroots effort to give student filmmakers a voice.

Cilley believes the Consortium can help with a fee-based permitting system.

There are other groups connected to the industry who are also formulating ways to once again have a film commission.  

The bottom line, Shamon said, is "there is no one place for anyone to call to find out anything," and because of it she said "production companies are taking their business elsewhere."


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