Drug deal gone bad leads to fight, car crash in Scripps Ranch

SAN DIEGO - Three people were hospitalized Tuesday after a drug deal led to a fight, stabbing and then a car crash in Scripps Ranch.

The crash occurred at about 5:45 p.m. on Scripps Ranch Boulevard at Pomerado Road.

Three men were inside the car when a drug deal was in progress. Police said a fight broke out inside the car and that during the scuffle, the front passenger stabbed a person in the backseat.

The car then crashed through several trees before slamming into a light pole. Witnesses ran to help until the people inside the car began brawling in the street.

"Well, the dude was like, MMA (mixed martial arts)… just going crazy," said witness Jacob Marsaglia.

Witness Nicholas Cronk said, "One of the guys grabbed a bunch of marijuana and a wad of money and started running towards us."

Marsaglia said, "He just said, 'Someone jacked me, someone jacked me' and I just said, like, 'Oh dude, that sucks, you need to come down here though, you're hurt.' Then he said, 'Dude, hold my weed for me, hold my weed for me.'"

Marsaglia added, "He got a pretty deep cut on the ribs and, like, I could see his muscle and stuff and then his face was messed up."

Police found the driver and the front passenger hiding and injured in the bushes.

To find the man who was stabbed, police followed a trail of blood-soaked money.

"There was a bunch of bloody ones on the ground," witness Matt Olson said.

All three men went to the hospital and are being questioned by police.

Police found the bag of marijuana hidden underneath a nearby home. They also found what appeared to be a handgun inside the car but it turned out to be a BB gun.

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