FedEx expects very busy shipping day on Cyber Monday

FedEx may handle 22 million packages

SAN DIEGO - Now that Black Friday has come and gone, millions of people are hitting the Internet in search of digital deals on Cyber Monday.

The rush in online shopping means a lot of extra packages for shipping companies.

This year, Cyber Monday coincides with FedEx's busiest day of the year. The company says it expects Monday to be its busiest shipping day ever in the company's history. The shipping giant expects to move more than 22 million packages worldwide on Monday alone.

At the facility in central San Diego, FedEx Senior Manager Shaman Smith said they will handle 21,000 packages on Monday.

"This is our big moment. We all live for December," Smith said.

Smith told 10News it takes a lot of planning and forethought to ensure that kind of volume of packages is handled smoothly.  

"That's a lot of packages … and what we have to make that happen is we have 660 aircraft that'll fly, going to 220 countries … with 300,000 employees globally and about 90,000 trucks," Smith said.

Smith said it's very much like strategy in a game, adding, "The entire year is kind of like the first quarter of a football game, and this cyber month it's about your last two minutes, where you want to get it across the goal and get in the score and we do a good job of doing it."

The global shipping company says e-commerce has grown significantly over the years -- three to four times the rate of traditional retail buying in brick-and-mortar stores. That marks an 11 percent year over year increase from 19.9 million last year.
During the week of December 1-7, FedEx expects to ship more than 85 million packages consisting largely of consumer electronics, luxury goods and clothing -- that's up 13 percent over the same time in 2012.

The company has also hired 20,000 seasonal workers worldwide to help handle the additional number of holiday packages.

"We do everything we can to make sure that packages get there exactly as the customers bought them ... You know, we've been doing this a long time; 40 years, we're experts at it. We do everything to make sure we do it right," said Smith.

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