Feces reportedly put into community pool: Swanson Pool has been closed 3 times in 2 weeks

SAN DIEGO - There is outrage from parents in University City after learning why their community pool has been closed lately.

A viewer contacted 10News after she learned someone has been putting feces in Swanson Pool along Governor Drive.

Alissa Slankard says three of her son's swimming lessons at Swanson Pool have been postponed in the past two weeks.

"I thought at first it was an accident," she told 10News. "I mean, there are little kids in the pool and that kind of stuff happens. But I had heard from other people in the community that this is intentional, that someone has been sneaking in and contaminating the pool."

She said even her 4-year-old son's lesson was postponed on the first day they were supposed to meet with the swim instructor.

"He was disappointed for sure," Slankard said. "They called me and said the pool was closed."

Another parent sent 10News pictures of handmade signs out on the lawn facing Governor Drive that said as much.

Slankard says she found out from a parent, not the instructors, the reason for the pool closures.

"My husband and I were talking to another parent there and she jokingly said, 'Oh, did somebody poop in the pool?'" 

At first, she did not realize that parent was being serious. She says feces have not been just tossed over the fence, but she says they were placed underneath the pool cover.

"Actually lifting the pool cover and somehow, getting fecal matter into the pool … and I'm not clear as to how that is happening, but it's happening," said Slankard.

Another parent told her the same thing happened last summer.

That is why she contacted 10News.

"I just can't believe it's gone on for so long and this is the first time people are really trying to do something about it," the concerned mother of two added.

Clearly for her son's and other swimmers' sakes, she is hoping the person responsible will be caught.

10News was told that it has happened at other city pools lately as well but was not able to confirm which ones.

10News contacted the city pool department, the San Diego Police Department and San Diego City Councilwoman Sherri Lightner's office Monday night about what is being done to protect the pool but did not hear back.

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