Father, son ride bikes cross country to raise a million dollars for charity

Bob Quick has 16 stents in his heart, a pacemaker

SAN DIEGO - Monday morning, a father and son team set out on a 3,000-mile cross-country bike ride from Ocean Beach to St. Augustine, Fla. on Monday to raise a million dollars for charity.

Bob Quick appeared cautious, yet relaxed when he talked to 10News before embarking on his journey.

"I sure hope I can do this," Quick said, then laughed.

It will not be easy. The 53-year-old father has congenital heart disease and as a result, 16 stents in his heart and a pacemaker.

For him and his son Conrad, it will be the ride of a lifetime and kind of risky.

"I'm about to make history," said Bob Quick. "I am going to be the very first man with 16 heart stents and a pacemaker to ride across country on a bicycle for charity."

Quick's motto is "if you don't believe, you're a fool!" A million dollars is his fundraising goal.

"I figure if I can raise a million dollars for these wonderful charities, everything's worth it," he said.

He and his son Conrad have been training for the 3,000-mile cross-country ride since the end of January.

His son said he believes in his father, despite his health problems.

"He does have 16 stents and a pacemaker, so I'm pretty sure there's going to have to be a couple breaks in it, but besides that, I'm not worried at all," Conrad Quick said.

The two started training in January, but the 53-year-old received a health scare the following month.

"In February, I went down and thought it was all over again -- we aren't going to be able to do this -- they went in put in a pacemaker in on my son's birthday, which was April 4," Bob Quick said.

His son Conrad said, "It makes me feel wonderful and great just knowing that I'll be half of his support over more of it and he'll be the other half ... pretty nice bonding thing for us."

The two took off from lifeguard station No. 5 at Ocean Beach Park and will make several overnight stops at fire stations along their journey until they reach their Florida destination.

"They're going to be able to check my dad when I can't," said Conrad Quick. "They have machines that and all sorts of great stuff just to make sure that he can finish this ride."

The money raised will benefit two hospitals in Utah, the Wounded Warrior Fund, and the Roy City Fire Department--the same department that helped save Bob Quick's life several years ago.

If you would like to donate or track their journey, click here (mobile users: http://bit.ly/15wW6hp).

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