Father of Donna Jou angry over impending release of John Steven Burgess

Reza Jou says Burgess is 'very dangerous'

SAN DIEGO - A father told 10News he is angry after finding out the man who killed his daughter is about to be released from prison after only serving two years.

Seven years ago this week, 19-year-old San Diego State University freshman Donna Jou disappeared. She was an honors student who dreamed of becoming a nurse.

According to authorities, the last person to see Jou alive was John Steven Burgess. Burgess had answered an ad Jou placed on Craigslist that offered her services as a math tutor.

Authorities said Burgess admitted taking Jou to party at his home in west Los Angeles. It was there that he said he gave the Orange County native cocaine and heroin.

Burgess claimed Jou died of an overdose. He acknowledged that he panicked and dumped her body in the ocean, saying, "I went down to my sailboat and gave her to the sea."

In 2009, Burgess pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter and was sent to prison. However, he was released after two years.

Burgess was soon re-arrested on a parole violation for possession of ammunition and sent back to prison.

Now, he's about to be set free once more.

The victim's father, Reza Jou, was sent a notification of Burgess' impending release.

"He has conned the system. He has lied and they have negotiated with him and he is going to go out and harm other innocent people," Reza Jou told 10News.

Jou, who lives in Texas, calls Burgess very dangerous, adding, "He is a predator because he had multiple convictions of sex crimes."

Donna Jou's body was never recovered -- even that bit of closure has been denied the family.

"This is extremely painful because my child … this young life has been destroyed by this predator," Reza Jou said.

Jou has unsuccessfully tried to change California law, hoping to keep Burgess locked away.

Burgess is scheduled for release from Chuckawalla Valley State Prison in Riverside County next month.

Reza Jou said, "It seems he has a lot more rights than we do."

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