Farrah Pirahanchi enters San Diego mayoral race

Pirahanchi qualifies as write-in candidate

SAN DIEGO - Another candidate has her hat in the ring to be San Diego's next mayor, election officials announced Friday.

Farrah Pirahanchi, an electrical engineer, qualified as a write-in candidate for the Nov. 19 special election, according to the City Clerk's Office. Her work experience has given her an expertise in troubleshooting, which could help the city, she says on her campaign website.

In September, the native of Tehran posted on her Facebook page, "I am the best candidate for the Mayor of San Diego. My passion is to help people and improve conditions. At first I will provide support for homeless and elderly women and children. This job is about people and how we can help them as a mayor. I will make San Diego again a beautiful city. There is so much improvements that needs to be done. If you want to see results pick me as your voice for the mayoral position."

Pirahanchi was unable to qualify for the ballot in September.

The number of candidates in the field is now back to 11, following the exit of preservationist Bruce Coons last month.

City Councilman Kevin Faulconer sits first in the latest polls, with former Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher and Councilman David Alvarez in a close race for the second spot for a likely runoff election early next year.

The winner will finish the term of Bob Filner, who resigned under fire Aug. 30.

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