Fans cheer on Padres at day home opener: Petco Park celebrates its 10th anniversary

SAN DIEGO - There was plenty of excitement at Petco Park on Tuesday as the San Diego Padres welcomed fans to its Opening Day game, marking Petco Park's 10th year.

On the large screen in the outfield, the pre-game show played a video reminder of the past 15 years when a ballpark in the middle of downtown was just a dream.

“Hard to believe for many that it’s been 10 years,” said Padres President Mike Dee,

He spoke with 10News about the importance of keeping the park up-to-date for fans.

“Baseball will always be at the center of the table,” Dee said. “But we need to round that experience out with amenities that will bring fans coming back over and over again.”

Padres attendance spiked to 3 million in the inaugural season but has since dipped to about 2 million.

That is why upgrades are important to help get more fans in the door.

“We can get to 3 million, I am confident,” Dee added.

The amenities that may keep fans coming back include new restaurants, a health food market and lots of craft beer, some at $15 a pop.

“I’m a beer guy, so I go to all these different places so to have this here, instead of the cheap beer. I’m happy about it,” said Padres fan Chris DeMarco.

If you want to catch a game at Petco Park this season, a new survey shows that the Padres have the cheapest average ticket price in all of major league baseball at $16.37 a seat. If you are in the military or are a first responder, there are even better deals at and

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