Fan: Padres giving disabled backseat to VIPs at Petco

SAN DIEGO - The San Diego Padres are being criticized for changes at Petco Park that some say are coming at the expense of disabled fans.

The Padres unveiled the new changes Thursday, just ahead of Sunday’s big opening night showdown against the Los Angeles Dodgers
Petco Park officials say they upgraded technology, hospitality and seating at the park.  However, season ticket holder David Marrs alleges that it’s the latter of the three that has him feeling like his chair has been pulled from under him.
“I got a call on Tuesday that said, ‘you know David, did you hear what happened?’” Marrs said.
Marrs discovered that his premium 1st row seats for the disabled were moved, far away.
“We’re not just talking, like, right over here, basically half way across the ballpark,” Marrs said.
Marrs said disabled seating section rows 1 to 5 were pushed back to row 24. His old section is now for VIPs.
“It’s hard to swallow, it’s like, if you don’t like where you’re sitting, move to the back of the bus. That analogy is similar to what’s happening here.”
In response to the claims, a Padres spokesperson sent this statement to 10News:
“Petco Park meets, and in many cases, exceeds, the ADA requirements associated with each seating category.”

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