Family still looking for driver who hit teen on skateboard

Family wants sheriff's department to look into tip

SAN DIEGO - An angry mother is still looking for the driver of a truck that hit her son while he was on his skateboard last month.

She called 10News after she says her calls to the San Diego County Sheriff's Department were not returned.

There is one clue the family wishes investigators would look into: cellphone video shot just after midnight on Feb. 1. In the video, the person on the stretcher is 15-year-old Chase. He was hit while riding his skateboard in Vista.

"The car came speeding around and the skateboard happened to be out and that's what they ran over instead of his head," said his mother Spring, who asked not to use her last name. "It would've been his complete head and they would've killed him."

10News first reported the story three weeks ago. Spring contacted 10News looking for help finding the person behind the wheel that night.

She tells 10News three witnesses gave a description of the type of truck, so a few days later they came back to the neighborhood and drove around looking to see if they could find a matching vehicle.

Witnesses say it was a green Ford Ranger. Spring saw one just a few blocks from the accident.

"I saw a truck that was … it's a green Ford Ranger and it had no plates on the front nor the back," she said.

Spring says she called the investigating deputy.

"I spoke very slow and left detailed messages of where the truck was, the address of where the truck was parked in front of," said Spring.

But her calls have not been returned. 10News reached out to the sheriff's department in mid-February and again on Wednesday but no one can say if they are looking into the tip or not.

"I can only do as much investigating as I can because I'm not the law, you know," said Spring.

The family does not have insurance and the medical bills keep adding up. They just want to find the driver so that person can take responsibility for their actions.

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