Family reunites with dog left stranded in San Diego due to American Airlines rule

AA transported dog to Japan

SAN DIEGO - A family who was relocating to Japan and was not allowed to bring its family dog in an American Airlines flight relayed had some good news Tuesday.

The family was recently reunited with their dog, Gunner.

John Gromer said that on the day of their flight to Japan, his family showed up with a pre-approved airline carrier for one-year-old Gunner.

Gromer said an American Airlines representative rudely told the family that the kennel was two inches too big and it would not fit the plane.

The veteran of wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan told 10News that American Airlines has fixed the problem.

Once Gromer's story aired on 10News, the airline flew 'Gunner' to Okinawa and waived all transport fees. The airline also apologized to Gromer for the behavior of the representative.


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