Family reacts to arrest of Gazelle Mansury in connection with death of Mehria Mansury

Mehria Mansury was missing since Sept. 24

SAN DIEGO - Family members appeared to be in shock as they visited the Serra Mesa home of Mehria Mansury, whose remains were positively identified through fingerprints more than a week after the 79-year old disappeared.

Mansury's daughter, 42-year old Ghazal "Gazelle" Mansury, is in jail and has been charged in connection with her mother's death.

"Why did you do this to her? She didn't deserve this. She loved you. She gave her life to you," said Mehria Mansury's niece, Zohra Enayat.

Enayat also told 10News her aunt adored her adopted daughter.

Gazelle Mansury was adopted when she was three, and family members said she was a good student and the light of the family until she became a teenager. Family members said she later became involved in drugs and was arrested for burglary and petty theft.

Gazelle and her boyfriend, 57-year old Lucio Moreno, lived in her mother's garage, which is filled with everything from tools to clothing, electronics and pets.

"This is not my aunt. This is not the way she lived, never in her life," Enayat said as she saw the contents of the garage for the first time.

Enayat said that when Mansury disappeared, she knew Gazelle had something to do with it.

"She was so emotionless," said Enayat, who also told 10News Gazelle cared more for her dogs than she did her own mother.

Enayat said she knew as soon as her aunt disappeared, she believed Gazelle had something to do with it.

Family members didn't know much about Moreno, and some said that Mehria didn't like him but allowed him to stay in her home.

"They just took over," said Enayat, who added her aunt didn't complain because she didn't want to lose her daughter.

"At least she found her peace," said Enayat, wiping away a tear.

Gazelle Mansury will be arraigned on a charge of murder Monday.

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