Friend of James DiMaggio believes he had plans to kill Hannah Anderson

Family: DiMaggio's body had multiple bullet wounds

SAN DIEGO - A family spokesman said the man killed during an FBI rescue of a 16-year-old Lakeside girl in the Idaho wilderness had multiple bullet wounds in his chest and one in the side of the head.

Longtime friend Andrew Spanswick said Wednesday the body of 40-year-old James Lee DiMaggio was flown to Los Angeles. The coroner's office in Valley County, Idaho, released the body to DiMaggio's sister, 10News learned.

Spanswick, an experienced mental health therapist in West Hollywood, said DiMaggio's sister, Lora Robinson, saw the bullet wounds before the body was cremated Tuesday. According to Spanswick, DiMaggio's sister is interested in seeing the gun that her brother had.

According to the coroner's office, a death certificate will not be issued until toxicology tests are released several weeks from now. The tests will determine if there were any drugs or alcohol in DiMaggio's system at the time of his death.

Spanswick said the toxicology reports may reveal some answers to Dimaggio's state of mind.

"He was homicidal and suicidal and we are trying to figure out if that was from a drug induced psychosis. We are also waiting on reports to see if he may have had methamphetamine in his system," Spanswick said.

Spanswick told 10News that he believed DiMaggio was planning to eventually kill Hannah Anderson, the cat that was with them and then himself.

"When people have a plan like this, they want to take possessions with him to the afterlife," Spanswick said.

Spanswick said he believes DiMaggio's dark family history may have played a role in the incident.

"His upbringing was incredibly bad. His mother died of cancer and his father was a meth addict. It was common for his father to drop Jim and his sister off in ghost towns with no people with a couple boxes of mac and cheese. Jim had to go out and fish to provide food for his sister. His father would take them to crack houses. He was incredibly physically and emotionally abusive with them," said Spanswick.

Additionally, Spanswick said Robinson looked like Hannah.

On Tuesday, family and friends also cleared out the remains of DiMaggio's belongings.

"He had a lot of things in the garage; we didn't want anyone to loot. The items are in a storage shed in New York. We are going through them," said Spanswick.

Hannah appeared to be answering questions on social media about how she was kidnapped, how she survived six days of captivity and how she is dealing with the deaths of her mother and brother, who died in DiMaggio's burning home in Boulevard.

Her account was disabled as of early Wednesday morning, but 10News learned her Instagram page remained active as of Wednesday afternoon.

Spanswick said he was "disturbed with some of the inconsistencies" in Hannah's story, but he believes she is the victim.