Dad: I got no help from Lowe's when my kid was mauled by dog in their store

SAN DIEGO - The family of a little boy attacked by a dog inside a Lowe's Home Improvement store is talking for the first time - and only to Team 10.

The boy's father tells Team 10 troubleshooter Cristin Severance that Lowe's allowed the dog inside the store and then employees wouldn't call 911 after the attack.

The victim ended up with serious injuries to his head and face and had to have 50 stitches.

The now 4-year-old boy was at a Lowe's Home Improvement store in Murrieta with his family on Saturday, December 28, 2013.

His father, Mahmood Zubaidi, said he heard a scream and turned around to see his son bleeding from the face and eye after being attacked by a 3-year-old Akita named Chester.

"I was paralyzed. When you see that sight, your only son. You don't think but to hug him and hope that he's alive," said Zubaidi.

Surveillance video (watch the video clip at the top of the page) shows the dog and dog's owner walking out of the store minutes later.

The victim's father said he ran to the Lowe's front counter with his son bleeding in his arms and asked the clerk to call 911, but she said she couldn't per store policy.

He had to set down his son and call 911 for help. The little boy was rushed to the emergency room and then Rady Children's hospital.

Lowe's store policy is to only allow service animals inside the store.

"There are certain risks you shouldn't have to take into account when you are at a store like this," said the family's attorney, Hamilton Arendsen with Gomez Trial Attorneys. "One of them being, when you go to a store to buy roses, your 4-year-old son doesn't get viciously attacked, " said Arendsen.

The family is filing a lawsuit against Lowes for alleged negligence.

Team 10 reached out to Lowe's but they said they could not comment on the on-going investigation and Lowe's would not tell us their policy on employees calling 911 inside the store.

The dog's owner, Robert Kahn, has been charged with a felony count for allowing the dog to be at large and cause  serious bodily injury to a human being.

Animal control officials told Team 10 that this was the third incident involving Kahn and the dog. Animal friends of the Valleys officer, Mo Middleton, said the dog nipped at a child in a Home Depot and on the street a month before the attack at Lowe's.

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