Family, friends of 3 missing hikers hold vigil in Oceanside, praying for their safe return

Trio disappeared Sat. in San Bernardino Mountains

OCEANSIDE, Calif. - Family and friends of three missing hikers held an emotional vigil in Oceanside on Monday, praying for their safe return.

Most of the prayers from Grace Chapel in Oceanside were between the bowed heads and God.

Three church members disappeared hiking a trail on the San Gorgonio Mountain, just east of San Bernardino.

Ryan Shankles led the charge up the mountain. His wife Jill led the prayer for his return on Monday.

"I have heard too many prayers, Lord, about what you're going to do with my husband in this life, and I am believing what I've heard ... that you are not done yet, that it is not over," she prayed.

The men only had enough food and water for the day and were dressed in little more than shorts and t-shirts for the third night of near freezing temperatures.

Shankles and fellow hiker David Yoder have experience, while Miguel De La Torre was on one of his first major hikes.

De La Torre's son Sebastian told 10News, "When we say goodbye, we give a big old bear hug and we say a little prayer ...  and honestly, that's all I want right now."

He just heard the news on Monday, and while he doe not belong to Grace Chapel, he and his sister decided to try some prayer as well.

"Part of me wants to break down and cry and act like it's the end of the world, but the other half of me wants to stay positive," said Sebastian De La Torre. "That's what my dad would want."

More family members and more friends will leave to head up to the mountain on Tuesday.

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