Families in San Carlos cleaning up after homes flooded due to overflowing stream

SAN DIEGO - Several families in a San Carlos neighborhood are cleaning up after mud and debris spilled into their homes.

The flooding occurred Saturday night in the 7000 block of Beaver Lake, near Cowles Mountain Road.

The Kull family spent Sunday afternoon packing away bags and boxes full of belongings. They are moving out of their home after it was flooded with muddy water from an overflowing stream.

"I was just in shock, walking up my front driveway and you're stepping in a river," said Mike Kull, who owns the home.

Cleanup crews began ripping out parts of the wall Sunday, saying it is infected with bacteria.

Mark Esquivel used a thermal imaging device to detect how much of the wall is ruined.

"You can see along the wall here where the water level was right there, so that's a good foot high back here," said Mark Esquivel, who is with Clean Earth Restorations.

Esquivel says repairs alone could cost around $30,000.

"We had a computer that got fried and there are some other things that are damaged that are going to have to be thrown away," said Kull. "The furniture since it got wet will probably have to be a loss."

But there is a lot that still might be able to get saved. Sue Peters is the grandmother who came all the way from Orange County to help with the cleanup, though she is mostly concerned about old photographs.

"Like these, they're all stuck together, so we'll see what happens," said Peters, "This whole album is wet."

The family might be out of the home for another month and a half. Since the water is filthy, several tests have to be done to make sure no asbestos got inside.

"I can't get angry, it's not going to help anything," said Kull. "We're just going to have to go through it and trust in the cleanup crew to do this as quick as possible."

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