Familiar fireworks company returns for San Diego's Big Bay Boom show

PyroSpectaculars By Souza Will Have 400 Plus Shows

SAN DIEGO - The new company in charge of Friday night's Big Bay Boom fireworks show over San Diego Bay is promising changes.

Part teacher and part field general, Sam Bruggema is happy to be back in charge of producing San Diego's largest fireworks show, the Big Bay Boom.

"Shows come and go and so do sponsors, but we're very thankful the Big Bay Boom is back in our hands," said Bruggema.

Bruggema produced the spectacular on the bay as well as the KGB Skyshow and other events for years with San Diego Fireworks.

The company was acquired by Pyro Spectaculars By Souza in Rialto, which will produce 400 shows in California on July 4, as well as shows in New York and Atlantic City.

Two years ago, Garden State Fireworks -- out of New Jersey -- had a glitch with the Big Bay Boom and lit off tons of fireworks all at once.

"I hoped they learned from what they did; it just can't happen with the procedures and equipment we use," Bruggema said.

Friday's show will have 6,000 aerial shells that can reach 1,000 feet in the air, as well as 20,000 other displays.

"There will be some new things folks haven't seen like blue and green effects and ghosting spirals that will look like a curly 'q' in the air," said Bruggema.

The show on four barges will be synchronized to music and last roughly 20 minutes or more.

LINK: Map/list of fireworks shows around San Diego County http://bit.ly/1s57Sgu

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