Fallbrook small business owners feeling squeezed out by big business

Businesses likely to be replaced by McDonald's

FALLBROOK, Calif. - In a few months, three locally-owned businesses along Main Street in Fallbrook will likely be bulldozed to make way for a McDonald's restaurant, and some residents are angry about it.

"I thought, 'How dare you, McDonald's,'" said 10News viewer Danielle Donnelly.

She contacted 10News, saying that the owners of the Happy Jug Liquor Store, the Smog Brothers and Main Place Cocktails were getting squeezed out of their leases to make way for a McDonald's.

"They're going to make millions no matter what, it doesn't matter," she said. "The three families that are here… this is their livelihood."

Moe Elfarra owns Smog Brothers and his father has owned the liquor store for nearly 30 years.

"It's just, this is our home," said Elfarra. "It's going to be different like any other city where they have their McDonald's and their Wal-Mart's and all their big businesses and all the little guys are slowly going to disappear."

Dan McGrath sunk $100,000 of his retirement money into Main Place Cocktails five years ago.

"Be a pretty big loss for us because I don't have enough money to start over somewhere else," he said.

The property is owned by the Bower family. Carla Bower told 10News the family cares for its tenants but the buildings are old and expensive to maintain.

She said the tenants were given more than a year notice, but they say the reality of leaving it all behind and watching their businesses getting bulldozed is gut-wrenching.

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