Fallbrook family says their glass table exploded

Reports of this happening all over the country

FALLBROOK, Calif. - A Fallbrook man called Team 10 after his glass patio table spontaneously exploded.

Shane Mac Millan called his outdoor patio table the epicenter of family activity.

"My kids do crafts at it daily, leaning on top of it, painting … my son has built a fort under it before," said Mac Millan.

He said his 3-year-old son was just feet away when the table exploded Sunday.

"It was a good pop and then just the shattering of glass," said Mac Millan.

Mac Millan thought this was a fluke and called Team 10 to warn others but there are reports of this happening all over the country.

YouTube videos show tables exploding on surveillance cameras.

Experts say it could be an imperfection in the glass, heat, or it could be the manufacturer.

Owners of a Martha Stewart brand glass table filed a class action lawsuit after several tables exploded in several different states. 

Mac Millan bought his table from his home's previous owner and does not know who made it.

He will be building a new wooden table for the backyard not taking a chance with another glass one.

"We're lucky that none of our kids were hurt, that they don't have glass in their eye," he said. "I would have moved it off the property."

Consumers should report any instances of an exploding glass table to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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