Failure of propositions meant to help schools saves homeowners

Passage of props would have increased property tax

SAN DIEGO - Some North County residents avoided paying higher property taxes after Tuesday's election, thanks to three lesser-known propositions that came up short of passing.

If passed, Propositions AA, CC and EE would have had an impact on hundreds living in the Torrey Hills area.

"I couldn't even count them, there were so many," said Torrey Hills resident Jodie Block.

Block is one of the homeowners inundated with the propositions, all of which would have raised property taxes, but benefitted local schools.

"It really would have benefitted the school greatly, but because of the times, I just don't think anyone wanted to spend extra money," she said.

Prop. AA would have given the San Dieguito Union School District $449 million; the Del Mar Union School District would have received $76.8 million from Prop. CC; and Prop. EE would have given the MiraCosta Community College District $497 million.

All three propositions failed by less than 2 percent.

Block wouldn't say how she voted, but she told 10News the neighborhoods were concerned about the measures raising the property taxes all at once.

"Our taxes are in relation to the prices of our homes and we pay very high taxes and it's not easy for us as well," said Block.

If all three had passed, property taxes would have gone up $584 a year on a million-dollar property.

Del Mar Union School District Superintendent Holly McClurg told 10News she was disappointed the measures failed, but didn't think there were too many for voters at the same time.

Block disagreed, but does feel sorry for schools.

"It was a bit of a raw deal because they really could have benefitted from the money," said Block.

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