Raptors make first appearence at Miramar Air Show

Each fighter costs around $143M

For the first time, FA-22 Raptors made an appearance at the Miramar Air Show, showcasing the U.S. Air Force's newest weapon.

But Sgt. Ryan Rogers said the jets can do a lot more than put on a  show, they're also a valuable tool for the military.

Each of these jets are equipped to carry satellite guided bombs and missiles, designed to give the United States an upper hand when it comes to air and ground assaults.

"No one can touch it, we are able to pick out enemies at a lot longer range than we can with other aircraft," Rogers said.

And these Raptors aren't cheap, each has a price tag of about $143 million attached to it. That's why Greg Calvillo came to the air show to check out the Raptor, even if it was only from a distance.

Calvillo added, "You know my great tax money at work, right?"


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