Eyecandy Showgirls strip club owner Randy Welte responds to allegations

Owner admits his club offers all-nude lap dances

CHULA VISTA, Calif. - The owner of San Diego County's only strip club where dancers give all-nude lap dances is defending himself against allegations he is operating his business illegally.

Eyecandy Showgirls owner Randy Welte told 10News he has nothing to hide, and he wants to make it known that not everything that is being said about his Chula Vista club is true.

"Are you offering nude lap dancing?" asked 10News reporter Rielle Creighton.

Welte replied, "Well, yes, I am."

Following several 10News stories about his strip club openly and illegally offering nude lap dancing, Welte came to 10News to set the record straight.

"Eyecandy is openly violating the law," Creighton told Welte.

"Well, I don't think so," he responded.

While he doesn't believe he's breaking the law, the city of Chula Vista does. Welte is accused of running a strip club where the girls may in fact be more than just eye candy. He and his club face a long list of infractions from the city which, along with illegal naked lap dances, he's supposed to have a "no touching" sign, which he's not enforcing and is upfront about.

In a previous interview with 10News, one of Welte's former dancers said, "They always ask, 'Where's the naughty girls at?'"

The unidentified woman claimed both sex for sale and drugs are rampant inside the club.

"A lot of the girls do smoke weed, some crack," the former dancer said.

"I have seen some crack. Well, I've seen a lot of crack in there," Welte said, tongue-in-cheek.

While he admits to a lot, in his words, that is not one of their dirty little secrets.

"So if the young woman we talked to says customers know and come here for sex, that's not true?" asked Creighton.

Welte replied, "I think not … Well, I mean, if we take the first part of your question, men expect sex. I mean, men expect sex when they go to Starbucks and order a coffee."

Welte told 10News girls involved in prostitution would be fired.

10News learned Welte is being sued by the Chula Vista city attorney, who claims Welte lied on his application for the building by calling it cabaret theatre when it's a strip club.

Welte said it's all entertainment, which is what his business is.

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