Experts share ways of getting casino comps

SAN DIEGO - Casinos hoping to get holiday gamblers in the doors are offering big freebies, even for those who don't win big.

From penny slots to roulette to the craps table, gamblers are cashing in on complimentary offers from casinos.

One sure bet at winning stuff is to join a casino's "player's reward club" -- free with a valid ID.

"I get free meals. I also get a free buffet everyday if I want," said gambler Bonnie Carls.

While signing up, don't be shy about sharing your personal information.

"You might be surprised how little you have to play," said gambling expert Jean Scott.

Scott, known as the "queen of comps," also added, "It's very important you give your name and address to casinos so you can get these mail offers."

Another secret to getting comps is to try to get yourself paired up with a casino host, who will keep an eye on exactly how much you will play.

Experts say casinos like loyal players and customers like to be recognized.

However, experts advise to be careful not to bust by playing just for comps.

"If you lost $200 while you're trying to earn a $10 buffet, that is going to be the most bitter tasting meal you ever had in your life," said Scott.

Scott said the slow holiday season -- between Thanksgiving and Christmas -- is the best time to get a free room comp.

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