Experts believe gas prices will rise in 2014

SAN DIEGO - Drivers should expect to shell out more money at the pump, according to gasoline analysts.

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Charles Langley – who has been tracking gas prices for years – says because of refineries closing, it is likely going to affect next year's prices. However, he does not believe prices will hit $5.

"We'll probably see an average price of $4 a gallon with some fluctuation from $3.80 to as high as $4.40 a gallon as long as oil prices are stable," said Langley.

The average price for a gallon of gas in California in 2013 was actually cheaper than 2012 -- $3.92 compared to $4.05. Both are still high when compared to 2011's $3.80.

That is why drivers like Rich Gonzalez do the extra leg work looking for the cheaper gas stations.

"I drive a van that eats up a lot of gas and you want to get the cheapest you can because of money and everything," he said.

Experts say that practice is not a bad idea, especially when dealing with the expected increase in gas prices.

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