Expert uncovers possible security hole at Lindbergh Field

Anti-terrorism expert Glenn Winn cites flaws

SAN DIEGO - A security expert assessed the new screening area at Lindbergh Field's Terminal 2 and found a gaping hole in security.

Anti-terrorism security consultant Glen Winn evaluated the area, and said, "Looks like they've got it well organized."

Winn's initial look was positive. The screening area has twice as many lanes as the old one -- 12 lanes versus 6 -- and has a lot more room for long lines.

Winn's only reservation was the same amount of TSA agents who operate six lanes will also operate 12.

"How they're going to man all of this with the cutbacks in TSA, I have no idea," Winn said.

"We don't really know how it will play out, but for right now, we have not seen any operation impacts," said TSA spokesman Nico Melendez.

Winn said it limits the amount of eyes on each line. He still gave the screening area a nine out of 10 rating.

However, Winn's biggest concern wasn't even in the terminal -- it was outside.

Outside, Winn noticed there are no barriers keeping someone from driving directly into the terminal.

"If you have the mindset of a terrorist, then you're looking for the type of situation," he said.

The sidewalk outside of Terminal 2 is lined with concrete light pedestals, but they're too few and far between. Winn said you need more "to prevent somebody from driving up on the sidewalk."

A Lindbergh Field spokeswoman told 10News more concrete barriers are in the plans as construction continues. They're just not in place yet.

Winn, who has consulted on the design of other airports, said more changes will come as officials and the TSA learn what works and what doesn't.

"Always have to shake things out when you're brand new," concluded Winn.

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