Exclusive 10News Poll Results Show Mayoral Primary Leaders

10News Poll Results Show Tight Mayoral Primary Race

If a primary election for San Diego Mayor was held on Thursday, three of the candidates would have the potential to advance to a general election in November, but only two will, according to the latest exclusive 10News Poll results.

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On Thursday, City Council Member Carl DeMaio would get 31% of the vote, Congressman Bob Filner would receive 28%, and State Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher would get 23%.

Compared to an identical exclusive 10News Poll that was released 17 days ago, DeMaio is flat, Filner is up 7 percentage points, and Fletcher is up 2.

Early voting began on May 7. Among the 28% of polled voters who said they have already voted, DeMaio has 36%, Filner has 31%, and Fletcher has 16%.

Among the 72% who said they have not yet voted but are certain to do so on or before June 5, DeMaio has 29% and Filner and Fletcher each have 26%.

Here is the question asked. Please note that the candidate names were rotated each time the answer options were given:

If the primary election for San Diego mayor were today, who would you vote for? Carl DeMaio? Bonnie Dumanis? Bob Filner? Nathan Fletcher? Or some other candidate?

31% Carl DeMaio 11% Bonnie Dumanis 28% Bob Filner 23% Nathan Fletcher 3% Other 4% Undecided

Margin of Sampling Error for this question = ± 4.3%

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