Ex-wife of man accused in La Jolla shooting spree speaks to 10News

LA JOLLA, Calif. - The ex-wife of the man accused in a shooting spree in La Jolla early Wednesday told 10News, Hans Petersen was abusive, was not taking prescribed medication and was bitter over the couple’s divorce.

Bonnie Fletcher said  she’s convinced that Petersen was looking for her during the rampage.
Fletcher spent 12 years married Peterson and she described him as a man who does not fit the accusations.
"Oh, I loved this man”, Fletcher said. “He's brilliant. He's super smart. He was our class valedictorian at graduate school. Wonderful man."
But she said those qualities started to change about two years ago when Petersen stopped taking medication prescribed to him since a sky diving accident in 1989.

Fletcher did not know Petersen then, but said he had a hard landing and suffered head trauma.
Fletcher told 10News that over the past few years he became violent. She said she became frightened for her life and filed a restraining order.
"I had to take a couple of guns into the Sheriff's department and turn them in," she said. “Early in the divorce during the first restraining order ... I was afraid of them."
For the past year, Fletcher said she bounced around, staying with ten different friends and family so Petersen couldn't find her.

She said she took self defense classes. And she's convinced that the morning of the shooting, he was looking for her, when he turned the gun on her brother.

"I think that if I was there, I would not be sitting here today," Fletcher said.

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