Ex-Special Forces battle poachers on Animal Planet TV show

Rhino horns sought By poachers in South Africa

SAN DIEGO - Poachers in South Africa are decimating the rhino population, and three retired Navy SEALs and an Army Green Beret have stepped in to help.

The four were recruited by the Animal Planet network to not only aid the anti-poaching effort, but to shed light on a deadly problem.  

"We went to show some serious force while we were out there and that's what we did," said Rob Roy, one of the retired Navy SEALs. "There were very strict guidelines about using force, but the bottom line is the anti-poaching forces are outgunned and out manned."  

The four spent six and a half weeks working the Greater Kruger area just north of Johannesburg.

Roy, whose expertise was intelligence, said, "I'd work the local villages, even the witch doctors, and after a while of being out there, we'd get a sense of where and when they might hit."

The group made a number of arrests, and while the problem is far from over, Roy felt they had had an impact.  

"When our team left it was well over six weeks that no rhinos were killed in that park," said Roy.

The three-part series begins on the Animal Planet network March 7.

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