Estate sale company under investigation: Police say 11 victims ID'd in alleged estate sale theft

OCEANSIDE, Calif. - A North County woman says Pro Estate Liquidators cheated her out of ten of thousands of dollars.

Oceanside Police said the home belonging to Jasmine Jones and Tonna Keith -- the owners of Pro Estate Liquidators -- on Pine Ridge Road looks like a hoarder's home inside.

They also served search warrants at three storage units. Detective Marc Kalb said the storage units were packed from floor to ceiling.

Ann Lugenbill, owner of Coast 101 Estate Services told 10News, "They give all estate sale companies a bad name because we work on trust."

Tracy Fulop used to work for Jones and Keith.

"It was very apparent quickly that it didn't seem above board," she told 10News. "They couldn't keep track of everyone's stuff."

That includes Mary Champlin's stuff. The 73-year-old handed over about $30,000 worth of family heirlooms to Pro Estate so she could pay to make her home handicap accessible for her husband.

She said she gave them more than 1,000 items. During the search, police found six of Champlin's items.

"I said, 'Where's my stuff?'" said Champlin. "She said,' I sold it all.' And I said, 'Where's the money?'"

After 10News reported Champlin's story last December, police said 10 more victims have came forward from three counties.

Detective Kalb told 10News, "They were saying, this is just so wrong on top of the fact that my parents or relatives have died and then to have someone rip me off like this."

Champlin had to file for bankruptcy.

 "I'm done being mad. I'm just waiting to see her in an orange jumpsuit," she said, referring to Jones and Keith.

Police said they cannot arrest the women yet because they keep finding more victims. However, they said felony charges are coming.

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