Escondido police investigate fatal shooting

Shooting occurred on S. Orange St. near Ninth Ave.

ESCONDIDO, Calif. - Police on Tuesday are investigating a fatal shooting in Escondido.

The shooting was reported at about 7:15 p.m. p.m. on South Orange Street near Ninth Avenue.

Police say the shooting occurred while three men were sitting outside a home. A fourth man walked up, pulled a gun and shot one of the three men, according to police.

"He'd been shot at least once in the neck and then several other shots as well," said Escondido police Lt. Neil Griffin.

The victim was in his early 20s and was shot too many times for paramedics to help.

"We performed emergency first aid and we got that person to the hospital as quickly as possible, but at the hospital he was pronounced dead," Griffin said.

Police said there was a conversation before the shooting occurred.

"There was a conversation, but we don't have witnesses who can tell us what the conversation was about," said Griffin. "From our understanding, at this point, it didn't appear to be a heated conversation."

Police said the witnesses were not completely cooperating with their questions, telling detectives about the conversation but not what it entailed. The witnesses indicated that they knew the suspect but denying that they know his name or how they know him. They would not even give police the name of their friend who was shot and referred to him only by a nickname.

"We have taken at least one person back to the station for a detailed statement, but far we don't have any specific information," said Griffin.

One of the witnesses chased the suspect for several blocks before he appeared to have gotten away. Police are continuing to search for the suspect.

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