Escondido man accused of sex assault on LAX flight

SAN DIEGO - An Escondido man is in federal custody in Salt Lake City, accused of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl aboard a Delta Airlines flight from Los Angeles International Airport this week.
Sixty-seven-year-old Hans Loudermilk is charged with two federal counts of sexual abuse of a minor on an aircraft.
According to the complaint, when Loudermilk boarded Flight 2341 from LAX to Salt Lake City Tuesday, he stood in the aisle and asked the girl if she would move to the middle seat.  The two began talking, but as the flight got close to its destination, the conversation turned sexual in nature.

The complaint says Loudermilk told the girl she should take a drive with him. He then added that in Utah, he could marry her at her current age.
As Loudermilk began touching the girl, the complaint says, he told her “that he could teach her things sexually that boys her age could not.”

He began touching her inner thigh. The complaint says the 15-year-old “got extremely nervous and wanted this to end.”
After the plane landed, the girl sought out a TSA officer and said she had been assaulted.  

According to the complaint, when Loudermilk saw her talking to the agent, he stepped into a gift store, where he removed the shirt he was wearing and replaced it with a black jacket “as to possibly avoid detection by law enforcement.”

Loudermilk’s sister, Lydia Vogt of Vista, told 10News Friday that the charges are “ridiculous.” She said the actions described in the complaint are “completely out of character” for her brother.  

“Whatever happened, it seems it’s been blown out of proportion,” Vogt said.
Vogt said she hopes her brother will be allowed to come home after he appears before a federal judge in Utah Monday.

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