Escondido child care center shut down after owner accused of throwing metal chair at 6-year-old

Girl offered candy if she did not tell her mother

ESCONDIDO, Calif. - The Wahaha Child Care Center in Escondido was shut down by the California Department of Social Services after investigators found truth in the allegations of a 6-year old girl, who said the center's owner threw a folding metal chair at her.

According to the CDSS report, investigators went to the center on Sept. 12 to interview staff and children about the incident, which occurred in August. 

After conducting their investigation, they ordered the center close its doors immediately, citing this reason:  "The licensee threw a chair at a child in care, causing injury to the child. The Department believes that, as a consequence, the licensee, and the continued operation of this facility, pose a risk to the health and safety of day care children."

The mother of the child who suffered a bruised and scarred cheek from the incident is angry that her child was targeted. 

"How is she supposed to rebound from an adult throwing something at her at such a young age?" asked Keilana Shannon.

Shannon's daughter, Imani, showed 10News the scar left on her cheek and said she was afraid of Xiao Yan Hu, who offered her a bag of lollipops if she did not tell her mother about the incident, which the state report calls physical abuse.

"I haven't gotten 'I'm sorry, is she OK' … nothing," said Imani's mother. "All I got from her was a bag of lollipops, 80 lollipops for my daughter to chew on and mess up her teeth so she wouldn't tell me what happened, so I was very upset about that."

A teacher who was moving her belongings out of the classroom told 10News she did not see the incident, which was witnessed by Imani's 10-year-old brother, but was not surprised about it, either.

Tanya Adame said Hu did not seem to care much about children and that she appeared interested only in making money. 

"We all say you have to have a heart to be in this business, and we saw that she didn't," said Adame, who moved her classroom to another center nearby.

10News tried to reach Hu at her home and by asking the center's director to pass on our contact information. She did not respond.

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