Escondido charter school threat: Police are hot on the trail

Police are getting closer to tracking down the person behind a threat that forced the closure of four local charter schools - and they say it's not who it initially appeared to be.

It all started Thursday evening when police started getting calls about something that was posted on a social media platform. Some of the calls even came from out of state.

The threat was specific to Escondido Charter High - the poster claimed they were going to shoot up the school and then commit suicide.

Once school officials learned of the threat, they moved quickly to inform parents and students. They used everything at their disposal to get the word out - e-mail, their website, social media and automated phone messages.

The high school, along with four other charter schools under American Heritage Charter Schools, were closed for the day on Friday and Escondido police beefed up their patrols in the area.

At a news conference late Friday, police said they had tracked down a youth who initially had appeared to be the poster. However, investigators determined the juvenile was not the one behind the threat, that it was someone else posing as the kid.

The family, who was shocked at being tied to the threat, has fully cooperated with investigators and police said they are closing in on the real culprit. The parents told police that their child had no knowledge of what was going on.

Whoever is responsible for the threat could face felony charges, investigators said.

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