Encinitas Union School District expands yoga program

ENCINITAS, Calif. - The Encinitas Union School District decided Wednesday to expand its controversial yoga program.

10News was inside a school board meeting  when members unanimously voted to accept the $1.4 million from the Sonima Foundation, which was formally called the Jois Foundation. The money will bring in two extra yoga teachers to all district schools K-6.

The approval comes just weeks after a judge ruled on a lawsuit -- brought forward by parents concerned that yoga brought religion into the classrooms.

The judge ruled that teaching yoga in classrooms does not teach religion and allowed the district to continue its program. Yoga classes are taught as a form of PE and students can choose not to participate.

10News spoke with the Attorney Dean Broyles, who represented the parents.

“Doubling down on religious freedom violations is not the answer," Broyles said.

They are still planning on filing an appeal.


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