Emotional reunion between dog and owner at Vista animal hospital following house fire

Dog almost died in fire at Ocean Beach home

VISTA, Calif. - It's a story of survival against all odds.  A dog who almost died in a house fire is on her way to recovery.  It's a story that 10News has been following since the fire in late December of last year.

The dog’s name is Spyder.  The Saint Bernard, Great Dane mix has been recovering at Shadowridge Veterinary Hospital in Vista since early January. On Monday, she got a very special visit.

"Hello girl, come here sweetheart," said an emotional Lori Schwab after seeing her beloved dog for just the third time since the fire on Dec. 27. 

Schwab adopted Spyder when she was just a puppy and now the dog, who is about 4 years old, has extensive bandaging on her after surviving a devastating fire one December evening. 

The fire destroyed Schwab's home in Ocean Beach, but she got out safely. 

Schwab was extremely distraught at the time because she thought her dog, Spyder, didn't make it. But San Diego firefighters had other plans. They brought out the traumatized dog and then one of the firefighters put his oxygen mask on her before taking the big pooch to a police car to be transported to a nearby veterinary hospital.

"Want to go outside?" Schwab asked Spyder.  A little walk in the backyard of the hospital provided a healing moment for Schwab and Spyder. 

Spyder was badly burned in the fire and has a lot more healing to do. Her skin is still exposed after a number of surgeries.

"She had third-degree burns over about 25 to 30 percent of her body on her left side," said chief veterinarian Dr. Jenny Schiebert. 

Schiebert has been treating Spyder since she arrived at Shadowridge on Jan. 4. 

"Not once did she ever whimper, whine, growl, lift a lip... she is just a loving soul," said Dr. Schiebert.

Emotions flood back as Schwab reflects back on what has happened to her and Spyder.  Through tears she said, "I knew she was dead... and here I am sitting with her, you know?"

Schwab lost everything in the fire, but she said having Spyder alive means she has the most important thing.

Spyder still has a couple more expensive surgeries ahead and Schwab must find a new home.  If you'd like to help, just click here.


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