Elite Navy SEAL dog finds new role in San Diego

Rex now member of SD Sheriff's Dept.

SAN DIEGO - Less than one percent of all working dogs in law enforcement and the military have what it takes to join the nation's elite combat units in a war zone. 10News anchor Kimberly Hunt tracked down a Navy SEAL canine warrior who has left behind the battlefield to join the San Diego County Sheriff's Department.

Rex and his Navy SEAL partner were in the thick of the battle in Afghanistan as part of U.S. Special Operations to find improvised explosive devices and take down the enemy.

Military dogs train as hard as their partners in the Special Forces, as they have to be ready for extreme missions over many miles and keep up their speed as they're going after enemy forces.

Former San Diego Navy SEAL Duane Karn and Rex were dropped into remote areas all over the world to train in explosives detection, before they were deployed to Afghanistan.

Rex's role was to lead the way, alerting the team to explosives, guns and enemies.

Dogs such as Rex are trained for this their whole life. From the time they are puppies, everything is meant to condition them to handle the stress.

The training ultimately saves lives, and in Rex's case, brought his whole team home safely.

After his time in Afghanistan, Rex now tracks suspects for the sheriff's department.

In this two years with the sheriff's department, Rex has already shown he has no intention of slowing down.

"They're devoted … they'll give their life for you," said sheriff's Deputy Marty Chapman.

In four years, when Rex retires from the sheriff's department, he will be reunited with his Navy SEAL partner.

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