Elite camera corps captures military in action

CORONADO, Calif. - Though they train and are proficient with pistols and rifles, their main weapon is a camera.

"That's my job – on any mission – to capture what's going on because after a fire fight someone will want to document what happened and I'm going to have to produce at that point," said Brett Cote, who is with Combat Camera Pacific.  

The elite unit came into being in the 1950s. From the snowy mountains in Korea to the desert of Afghanistan, Combat Camera has been capturing the military in action ever since.

Aside from documenting training exercises, they also deploy with special operations forces, such as the Navy SEALs or the Army's Green Berets.

Camera crews have to train to go where they go and because of it, much of the footage they capture stays with the special forces or within the confines of the Pentagon.  

"Maybe in 20 years, the footage will be on the History Channel or something like that and I can say, 'Hey I shot that,'" said Anderson Bomjardim, a Combat Camera diver.

There are two units in the Navy. One is at North Island another on the East Coast.

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