Elderly Spring Valley couple robbed at gunpoint, 3 suspects sought

SPRING VALLEY - San Diego County Sheriff's deputies are searching for three armed men who robbed an elderly couple at gunpoint Thursday afternoon at a home in Spring Valley.

The robbery occurred at about noon.

Ninety-five-year-old Jack Seaman said he was doing yard work at about noon when he went inside to eat lunch with his 87-year-old wife, Phyllis. The next thing he knew, three men were pointing guns at them.

"It looked like a professional job,” Jack Seaman told 10News. “You know, like the movies when they stick a gun in your face right away."

His 87-year-old wife said she did not hear anything suspicious until the suspects were inside. The couple believes the intruders followed Jack into their home through the open garage.

"I mean, to come right in your house, I mean, he didn't even get a chance to sit down and take a bite, the guy just grabbed him and said, ‘no time for that,’" Phyllis said.  

The three men ordered the Seamans to hand over their cash. They also stole Phyllis’ jewelry box, including a gold locket that she gave to her now deceased daughter.

"I had given it to her, and I had it engraved on the back,” Phyllis said. “11-27-65 is when I gave it to her."

The couple is thankful they were not hurt.

"Imagine this, you're just standing here and you turn around and there's three men with a gun on you," Seaman said.

The couple said they were not able to get a good look at the men.

 "Of course, the police ask me, ‘could you identify the gun?’ I said, ‘yes,’ it had a hole in it. I could see where the bullet was going to come out," Phyllis laughed.

They also kept their sense of humor about the ordeal.

"Naturally, they want to know if you can identify them and I said, ‘if I had known you wanted that much information, I would've had a "selfie" made,’" Phyllis joked.

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