Elderly man suspected of robbing Comerica Bank in Midway area blurts out in court, 'I'm guilty'

Dale Jenkins told 10News he has robbed 7 banks

SAN DIEGO - An elderly man made his first appearance in federal court on Tuesday after confessing to 10News cameras that he "robs banks."

Dale Jenkins, 78, was arrested Monday after allegedly robbing the Comerica Bank in the Midway area.  While police were interviewing him, Jenkins blurted out to 10News reporter Allison Ash, "I rob banks. It's my hobby."

During his first appearance in court, a federal judge ordered Jenkins held without bail until a hearing on Friday. At that point, the man blurted out, "I'm guilty as charged and do not want to go through any long trial. I can't live on the streets anymore."

The judge cut him off, warning him that anything he said will be used during a trial.

The U.S. Attorney told 10News Jenkins is only charged with one bank robbery after authorities say he got away with only $80 from the Comerica.

However, during his arrest Monday, Jenkins told Ash he had robbed seven banks. San Diego police could not confirm any of those robberies.

10News learned this is not his first offense. Jenkins was sent to a Michigan prison in 2008 for assault with a deadly weapon.

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