Elderly couple fighting eviction from Casa de las Campanas

Savings depleted by legal battles

SAN DIEGO - Bill and Eileen Miller have enjoyed living at Casa de las Campanas in Rancho Bernardo, signing a $350,000 lifetime contract for continuing care more than a decade ago.

However, the couple – who is in their 80s – is facing eviction.

Bill Miller asked, "How would you feel if you thought everything was great for retirement age and then found out it's all gone … it's evaporated?"

Casa de Las Campanas has gone to superior court in San Diego to cancel the contract and evict the Millers for failure to pay monthly fees.

Daughter Claudia Kay told 10News, "At this point, my dad has lost most of his money trying to defend himself and he does have Social Security. We'll have to try to find someplace that could care for him."

The couple had to defend themselves after they were caught having sex. Bill Miller later allegedly "threatened a staff member," "attempted to escape" and "kissed a roommate."

Doctors said it was a reaction to medication. A judge agreed.

Now, the concern is Eileen Miller, who is in the closed dementia ward.

Kay said, "If they're successful kicking my mom out, we have no idea because she has Alzheimer's and she requires a lot higher level of care that we could provide."

Attorneys for Casa de las Campanas said a written statement may be forthcoming.

The trial is expected to last three days.

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