Elaborate pedestrian tube proposed for Coronado Bay Bridge

Steel pathway would hang from Coronado Bay Bridge


San Diego County officials are examining an elaborate addition to the Coronado Bay Bridge -- a two-mile bike and pedestrian path suspended underneath the bridge.  
"I think it would be something that people would come to want to ride, like going to the St. Louis Arch or the Seattle Space Needle," said local architect Lew Dominy.
Dominy said the gigantic steel tube would cost roughly $50 million and be a part of the county's Bayshore Bikeway. The bikeway is already 60 percent finished, and when completed, it would be a continuous pathway around the southern part of San Diego Bay. The bridge tube would be a huge addition.
"You can run it or walk it or ride it. [It would] be two miles long," said Dominy, an avid cyclist.
"It's kind of an idea that we need to at least fully vet and take a look at and see if we can make it happen," said San Diego County Supervisor Greg Cox, who mentioned the idea during his State of the County address Wednesday evening.
"It's an idea, it's a concept," said Cox. "Whether it goes anywhere or not, there's a lot of answers that have to be provided to a lot of questions that people have."
Dominy said a lot of groups need to sign off on the project, including the U.S. military and Caltrans. That doesn't include finding $50 million for construction.
The architect is confident it can be done, and he hopes San Diegans will one day be able to peddle underneath their iconic bridge.
"Because you're 200 feet up in the air and it is spectacular," said Dominy.
Dominy estimated the tube would take two years to build if it is ever approved.
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